Our Services

Bull City Recovery’s Medication management provides an initial evaluation of the client’s need for psychotropic medication, providing prescriptions, and if necessary medical monitoring of the client’s use of psychotropic medication.  We feel our clients can be most successful in their transition when they also incorporate individual and group therapy.

At Bull City Recovery we believe in the Entire Person Recovery. Our holistic approach puts people first. There is no one-size-fits all program and not every patient is at the same place in their recovery. We work to help each individual through the process of recovery to improve their inner health and live a self-directed life. We want every patient to reach their full potential. Here at Bull City Recovery, we hope you find that your recovery is possible.

Primary Services

Suboxone Treatment

Suboxone is a medication commonly prescribed to treat adults addicted to opioid drugs, including heroin and/or prescription pain medication. Patients will receive an initial assessment to determine the level of medication necessary. The patient will meet with the doctor once a week and receive their prescription. The patient will also participate in individual and group therapy session. Clinic Counselors are licensed therapists devoted to helping the patients life and relationships.

Individual and Group Therapy

Our team of therapists will utilize strategies that are proven successful to assists patients in their substance abuse treatment. Therapy is an essential component in recovery treatment.


We also offer Telemedicine, an online video appointment for clients based on geographical need and/or their assessment level. The program is designed to provide flexibility for the scheduling of appointments.

Rates & Insurance

We provide an affordable pricing model to ensure successful treatment towards complete recovery. One of BCRs primary goals is to make sure that cost is not a barrier for anyone to access the services they need.

We offer very affordable rates for our services. We also accept most major insurance companies. Note that our price does not include the cost of medication. Please contact our office to obtain more detailed information.

We have a special team focused solely on communicating with insurance companies to verify benefits and sort out coverage details for you. We can help explore what options your policy covers and will work hard to help you get the treatment you’re entitled.

Supporting You is Our Mission

Currently Accepting New Patients  |  All Major Insurances Accepted