Getting Help

It is time for a change. We’re glad you’re here looking for the support you need to recover from addiction and move on with your life. Lots of people struggle with addiction for a myriad of reasons. We don’t judge how you got here; we’re focused on your future. Our program utilizes medication (suboxone) and provides therapy in both individual and group settings. It is not uncommon for an addiction diagnosis to be coupled with other medical and mental health diagnoses.  We maintain an awareness of multiple diagnoses and how they may affect your recovery.

What to Expect

Once you contact our staff with your interest in our program, we’ll begin the intake process which involve some forms and logistics first, and a comprehensive intake exam to determine your best treatment course. Every individual is evaluated to determine where you are on your recovery journey, thus determining where to start. If appropriate, we may begin treatment with a medication that blocks opioid receptors (Suboxone) so that your body can begin the detox process and sets you up for greater success in recovery. Our intensive out-patient protocol will provide you support throughout the process. The goal is for you to achieve recovery with as much grace and ease as possible, supported by our dedicated staff and other patients going through the Bull City Recovery program.

Through intensive out-patient treatment, lifestyle choice monitoring, and personnel accountability, our goal is to help you enjoy a life free from the perils of addiction.

Our dedicated staff are available to answer questions and guide you on road to recovery.