Welcome To Bull City Recovery

Recognizing the need for effective, personalized outpatient treatment, Bull City Recovery has taken its revolutionary holistic approach and developed a world class outpatient program. When you admit to our outpatient program you will receive the highest level of one-on-one treatment and customized care. Upon admission, you will be assigned your own team of therapists who will work with you to discover and heal the underlying causes of your addiction.

Our facility provides space to meet and engage in meaningful relationships with peers in all different facets of their own personal addiction journey while you participate in the out-patient program. We have areas both indoors and outdoors that lend themselves to relaxing quietly, engaging with others, and participating in your own recovery.

Bull City Recovery has set an industry standard for the treatment of addiction and only offers clinically sound and evidence-based treatment that has proven to effectively treat addiction. If you’re ready to end your addiction, we are ready to help you do it. 

Recovery is within reach. The first step is reaching out and asking for help. We are truly committed to helping you find the right fit for your needs, whether it is at our facility or elsewhere.

Our dedicated staff are available to answer questions and guide you on road to recovery.